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If you have damaged your Hardware buttons and want a quick replacement for them, try getting Floating Buttons to make your life easier.


Floating Buttons is an utility application designed for Android, which is a button floating on your screen over other apps.  Floating Buttons is designed to simulate hardware buttons which would help you if you have damaged Hardware Buttons or if you want to keep your hardware buttons safe.It does not require ‘rooted device’ to work.


*No Root required!!
*Supports Android 4.0.3 and above
*Overlay on top of all screens/apps
*Back Button
*Power Button
*Recent Button
*Home Button
*Volume Button
*Smart Floater with one click close button.
*Change Floater position by dragging while holding on the floater in collapsed view and at empty space in expanded view.
*Return to app with one click.


[ 1 ]  How do I enable Accessibility Settings?
You need to turn on Accessibility Settings in order to use Floating Buttons.

Please follow the below instructions to turn it on:
1.Go to Settings>Accessibility Settings
2.Select Floating Buttons.
3.Toggle the switch at the top to turn in On.
4.Click Ok to allow.

[ 2 ]  How do I enable Device Administration?
You need to turn on Admin administration in order to use Floating Buttons.

Please follow the below instructions to turn it on:
1.Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators
2.Select Floating Buttons
3.Then select Activate this device administrator.

[ 3 ] How do I enable Overlay Settings?
Overlay permission is only Required for Android 6.0 and above.
You need to turn on Overlay Settings in order to use Floating Buttons.

Please follow the below instructions to turn it on:
1.Go to Settings>Apps.
2.Select Floating Buttons.
3.Select Draw over other apps.
4.Toggle the switch to allow drawing over other apps.


– If you like Floating Buttons please review and rate us 5 stars ★★★★★
– If this app is not functioning correctly in your smartphone . Please report a bug by opening the app>Help>Mail Developer
– Please contact us at http://www.sivaworks.com/androidapps/FloatingButtons/feedback for any type of feedback,suggestion or for any contribution.


• Display system-level alerts: So the floating button can be shown over other apps
• Run at startup: So floating buttons continues working when your device is restarted
• Accessibility permission: To run the floater service.
• Overlay permission: To show floater on top of other apps
• Device administrator : To control when and how power button works
• Write Storage : To save user preferences


Notes :

If you are unable to uninstall, please follow the following steps:

1.Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators.
2.Select Floating Buttons
3.Then select Deactivate this device administrator.

Alternatively you can  Open Floating Buttons>Disable Device Administrators>Select No problem

If Floating Buttons is not working correctly in your smartphone,please do not rate 1 star instead report a bug with your device details.

Website: www.sivaworks.com/androidapps/FloatingButtons
Feedback : www.sivaworks.com/androidapps/FloatingButtons/Feedback

Thank for your support

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